Why Buy a Stahl Cam?

  Quality Originality Technology Accuracy Results

Stahl standards for quality are a proverb in the racing world. Our cams are as outstanding as our headers.

We design our own cams. We do not copy. Our tests show that it is not possible to accurately copy a cam. Our computer cam software has put us on the absolute leading edge of working with cam profile shapes. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THE THINGS WE CAN WITH CAM LOBES. GIVE US A REASON TO DO IT AND WE WILL DO IT IF IT CAN BE DONE.

Our cam measuring machine consistently repeats within .0002 and is connected to a computer to both collect the lift data and then analyze the cam lobe. This system has allowed us to gain 40 to 50 years cam design experience in 8 years. We have analyzed most of the popular cams used by oval track racers.

We were one of the first to successfully eliminate the need to make model cams. Our process permits us to make masters directly on a computer controlled grinding machine. Visual inspection of Stahl Cams surface finish combined with checking base circle runout prove we have the most precise manufacturing in the racing industry today. Our grinding procedures result in roller cams that also wear better than those manufactured by others.

Stahl cams have won races in almost every major sanctioning body racing events held in this country, from NASCAR Busch Grand National, NASCAR modifieds, SCCA Trans Am, OUTLAW Sprints, D.I.R.T. modifieds, ARCA late models, ASA/ALL PRO asphalt late models, asphalt Super Modifieds, All Stars, and too many dirt late models for us to count.

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