About Jere F. Stahl
Racing Accomplishments Technical Accomplishments
Raced NHRA 1964 thru 1967 then again in 1971.

NHRA Records set in 1964 thru 1967:
1964: G/S- 56 Chev Wagon 245HP - 2x4 brl
1965: D/S- 57 Chev 150 sedan 283HP FI
1966: A/S- 66 Plymouth Street Hemi
1966: B/FX- 66 Plymouth Street Hemi
1967: SS/B- 67 Plymouth Street Hemi

Broke G/S record by .68 seconds and BFX record by somewhere between .8 and 1 second.

Won G/S class at Indy 1964 with over a 1 second advantage to closest competitor.

First person to win 3 major NHRA eliminators consecutively via winning top stock at all 3 NHRA major events entered in 1966.

First person to manufacture and sell 4 tube headers for Chevrolet engines in 1963. Previously all commercially manufactured headers for sale were tri-y's.  Stahl Headers was started as Stahl Engineering in 1963. The company was incorporated as Stahl Headers Inc. in 1976.

Invented the adapter flange concept, adjustable primaries, step headers, reversion collectors, flow booster collectors and tri-flow collectors.

Developed the most powerful graphical based cam design computer software in the country in 1991.

Developed the most powerful engine dyno data analysis computer program available in 1993.

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