Compression Ratio Calculates compression ratio, clearance volume, bore/stroke ration, rod/stroke ratio, dome volume from pour volume and cylinder/engine displacement.  

Will solve for the unknown for one of the following:  
- Chamber volume
- Dome volume
- Valve relief volume
- Compression ratio.   

Includes a balancing card and offers hardcopy.  Option to play "what if" with rod/stroke ratios and engine displacement factors.

Rod Angle Calculates piston displacement, rod angle, crank pin angle, piston speed, piston acceleration and inertia torque plus a frictional horsepower routine developed from an SAE paper.  Breaks frictional power down into crank, cam, rod, piston rights, piston, valve train, auxiliary pumps and pumping losses.  Also includes the ability to measure time between input crank angle positions at specific RPM. $95.00
Torque Richard Howell's Instantaneous Torque Program calculates cylinder pressure, crankpin force and instantaneous torque.  when used with the frictional HP routine from the Rod Angle program there are some very interesting perspectives presented. $95.00
Dyno Analysis Permits computerizing any Super Flow dyno.  Will read existing Super Flow .SD9 files and existing Depac files.


Weather.exe Click Here to download Weather.exe Use this program to calculate the corrected vehicle performance as affected by weather for each run.  

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