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Jere Stahl has studied countless camshaft profiles using his own camshaft analysis equipment in order to develop the most efficient and durable cam profiles for race engines.  Along with design, Stahl Cams produced some of the highest quality camshafts available.  Now we are selling the machines used to produce these precision parts. 


For sale are two Van Norman model 253 Camshaft Grinders. 
These machines were refurbished in the 1980's and are controlled by custom made computer controllers. 
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Machine Control features:

  • Speed control for roughing and finishing operations

  • Automatic wheel feed with feed increment control

  • Hands-free wheel return

The Following Equipment is Available With Machines

Both machines are equipped with the blank masters behind faceplate and the large cam follower.  The follower is equipped with a custom dust cover to prevent buildup of dirt and debris on masters which may create variation in cam profiles. 

Standard Equipment:

         Steady Rest

         Universal Drive dog

         Wheel Center

         Grinding Wheel

Extra Equipment

o        Drive Dogs

         Small Block Chevy Drive dogs

o        12 offset

o        13 o offset

o        13 o 45 offset

o        14 offset

         Big Block Chevy with index hole for large journal small block

         Ford Windsor

o        Hydraulically actuated dresser (Machine #1)

o        Electrically actuated dresser (Machine #2)

o        Wheel Centers (5 available)

o        Wheel Balancing Stand

o        Wheel balancing arbor

o        Master Turning Head adapter

o        New Grinding Wheels available

o        Bay State 110956

o        Peterson C580200

o        Research Abrasive A60LBPD

o        Index Plates

o        Small Block Chevy Standard/ 4-7 swap

o        Chevy/Buick  90o V6 (2)

o        Big Block Chevy

o        Chevy SB2

o        351 Windsor

o        Mopar Hemi  48o

o        V-4 Inline 4cyl

o        1 Blank



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