Features, Options and Policies

NOTE: On Line Ordering is not available.  
Our headers are built to order for specific engine\chassis\cylinder head
combinations, therefore discussion is needed before ordering.

Sales Policies

All returns not the fault of Stahl Headers and cancellations of orders for non-stocking headers, are subject to a handling charge. 

- Returns must be approved prior to the return shipment and MUST be accompanied by a letter stating an authorization number, your full name, address, phone number, invoice number and detailed information regarding your problem with the returned item.

- Always fit check a header before it is sent for coating. Coated headers are NOT RETURNABLE under any circumstances.  Any header that has been modified by the customer in any way is NOT RETURNABLE.

- Unless otherwise indicated, our headers are specifically built to fit OEM style components. STAHL HEADERS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for fit problems that arise due to the use of non-OEM style components, such as oil pans, valve covers, starters, suspension and/or chassis add-ons, or other aftermarket components.

Any headers not normally stocked will require a $200.00 deposit (certified check, postal money order, or credit card), before production will begin. Due to their special nature, there will be no returns for special order items. We are always willing to jig fit-check any headers in the event we may have made an error.

We accept all major credit cards and ship C.O.D. cashier's check or money order.  Company check and open account are available for established accounts.

A special handling charge OF $4.95 will be added to orders under $35.00.

We normally ship via UPS ground. All other shipping methods including overnight and two or three day air UPS, Federal Express, air freight, and other common carrier shipments must be prepaid by credit card unless an account has been established. A special handling charge will apply to all shipments other than via UPS. NO POSTAL or BUS SHIPMENTS.

All shipments outside the United States must be prepaid in U.S. dollars to avoid problems with fluctuating exchange rates.


Features & Options

Stahl headers are available in a stepped configuration (multiple tube sizes in the same pipe). The stepped primary usually increases either midrange or top end power, depending upon the base header tube size relativity to its power level. Step headers are not cost effective for most types of racing and we have never seen more than 1% power difference. 

Some SB Chevy header designs offer a choice of standard or adapter flanges. Most SB Chevy headers are available with the STAHL adapter flange concept in 1-5/8" and larger sizes but adapter flanges are required on SB Chevy's using 1-7/8" and larger primaries. Special flanges are available for stock class for reversion control to "beat the rules." We have flanges for most cylinder heads such as Brodix, Dart 14, and Chev Bowtie 18, various Ford, Mopar and others. If you don't see it listed, call. If you can send us a CAD DXF file on a disk we can cut it.

Removable collectors are available on all models in 2-1/4" thru 4" outlets in 1/4" increments, 4-1/2 and 5. Combine removable collectors with adjustable primaries to fine tune your headers for max performance. Some models can be built with weld-on collectors to a fixed length.

All fully assembled headers are thoroughly cleaned with special cleaning compound and painted with a special 1800 paint. Special ceramic coatings are available from specialty coating companies.  Headers coated with ceramic coatings or flame spray coatings from specialty coating companies are not weldable. Even after we go to great pains to remove the coating, the material does not weld properly. Therefore, ALWAYS FIT CHECK a header before it is sent for coating. Coated headers are not returnable under any circumstances.

The tube size requirement for an engine is a function of the HP the cylinder is putting out, how good the exhaust port is, intake manifold pressure, and the most critical part of the RPM range. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct tube size for your automobile at the time we are writing your order.

If you do not see what you want, call us. We may have it, or can make it. We are the #1 quality and performance header manufacturer who makes only race car quality headers. Racers are the core of our business. If you have any problems, let us know.

All fully and partially assembled headers are serial number stamped during production. Complete records of all serial numbers are maintained.

Header/Kit Options

Some header designs are available in 3 different forms to suit the pocketbook of most racers:

Ready to bolt on and go racing.  A full description of the car and engine is helpful if you want us to help you select the right headers. When ordering, furnish make, model, type of racing, type track, car weight, and complete breakdown of engine specs. Tube size is determined by the horse-power of your engine and the engine RPM range. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct header and tube size to give you the best performance. You may order 1/2 set of headers, if necessary.  All materials used to produce headers are available as individual components. State the cylinder number of the primary pipe desired. Flanges, gaskets, collectors, bolts, U-bends, etc. are also available. 

Prebent tubes are tack-welded to the flanges and cut off flush on the gasket side. To finish, weld the tubes to the flanges, weld the plug in the center of the four pipes, and weld the collectors to the primaries.

The most economical way to buy. You receive the pre-bent tubes designed for a specific engine/chassis combination, flanges and collectors, and assemble yourself.

Kit Information
4 & 6 Cyl. Chevy Small Block
Chevy Big Block Ford
Mopar Buick Chevy

Half kits may be ordered. Half Kits are priced at 55% of the complete kit price.

For those applications where we have no specific design we offer in most cases flanges, U-bends, J-bends, or prebend mistakes (tubes bent incorrectly for a production header) and other material such as weld on or removable collectors. 

Due to the nature of the use of the product, no warranty is expressed or implied. However, if any problems arise, please contact us. If your header becomes damaged in use, we can supply replacement parts or make the repairs for you.  Federal, state and local government laws and standards regulate emissions production, noise levels and safety standards. Stahl Headers Inc. makes no claims that its products comply with any of these laws, regulations or ordinances. The consumer assumes the burden of any cost that may be involved to comply with government regulations. Wherever regulated, Stahl Headers are not legal for pollution controlled motor vehicles, except for racing vehicles not used on a highway.

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