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Stahl designs are available for all type of racing including:
Drag Race & Street
Circle Track
Road Race & Imports
Truck & Tractor
Check out our wide selection for Chevy, Ford, Mopar, BMW, Datsun, Volvo, Porsche, Triumph and more.

Stahl race headers are available in various forms for every pocketbook:

  • Fully Assembled  
    Exhaust headers that are ready to bolt on and go racing.
  • Partially Assembled
    Headers that have the tubes tacked to the flanges and you finish the welding.
  • Pre-bent Kits  
    Kits for specific applications that include tubes which are prebent and banded together, flanges designed for your cylinder head, and your choice of weld-on or slip-on style collectors.  (What's included in a kit?)
  • Generic Kits 
    For a unique application where no prebent kit is available, Stahl's offers an extensive inventory of header parts and components from which you can choose from to fabricate your own header design.  These parts include a wide range of mandrel bends, straight tubing, flanges for most cylinder heads, exhaust flanges, weld-on or slip-on style collectors, straight or curved extensions, reducers, couplers, hardware and more.

    To create your own generic kit, visit our Exhaust Header Parts page, or contact
    our sales department for more information.

Why buy a Stahl Header?