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Building top quality race headers, parts and accessories since 1963!

  • Stahl Headers are number 1 in quality.
  • Stahl was the first header manufacturer to build and sell 4 tube race headers for small block Chevrolets.
  • Our headers are manufactured in York, Pa, USA by workers who take pride in their work. 
  • Stahl designs are available for all type of racing including:

Drag Race   Circle Track   Road Race   Truck and Tractor Pulling   Boat Racing

Check out our wide selection for Chevy, Ford, Mopar, BMW, Datsun, Volvo, Porsche, Triumph and more.

Stahl race headers are available in various forms for every pocketbook until June 1, 2011.  Kits and header parts will continue to be available.

  • Fully assembled exhaust headers that are ready to bolt on and go racing.

  • Partially assembled headers that have the tubes tacked to the flanges and you finish the welding.

  • Kits that include tubes which are prebent and banded together, flanges designed for your cylinder head, and your choice of weld-on or slip-on style collectors. (Kit Components)

  • Exhaust header parts for that unique application where no prebent kit is available.  Looking for exhaust header parts to build your own headers? Of course we offer U-bends but our mandrel bends also include many other degrees of bends in all of the popular sizes. When you place an order with us, our expert staff will help you determine tube size and lengths to use for your unique racing application. Flanges for most cylinder heads and various types of collectors and other exhaust accessories are also available.

Stahl's dyno data analysis software is extremely powerful yet easy to use.

  • Have you spent hours looking at dyno printouts while asking yourself, "What do these numbers really mean?" 

  • What if you could compare power curves graphically, would that help? 

  • Have you ever had a customer come in and ask for a copy of the dyno test of his 1998 engine to compare to his 1999 engine?  Have you ever searched through a 2" stack of papers only to give up in frustration? 

  • If you are an engine builder, this software is a must have.   Can be used with Depac files, Superflow files, and other special versions are available to read any RPM based data file. 

  • Check out the other dyno information and tech data available on our site.   All engine builders will benefit from the wealth of information available in our newsletters.  Issues 1 through 13 are now available to download directly from our website.  Click here to view our newsletters.

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