& Dimensions

Adapter Flange Dimensions: 
For more information about the use of adapter flanges click here.

Header Flange Thickness:  Although our headers are normally built on 5/16" header flanges, we also offer you the option of special ordering flanges in 3/8" for an additional charge of $25 per pair.

Tubing Wall Thickness:  All of our headers are normally made using mild steel tubing.  We have made small production runs of stainless and find it not cost effective.  Most headers are made from 18 gauge (.049" wall thickness) however some 4 cylinders are made using 16 gauge (.065") wall.

Welding Methods:  All tube to tube joints are gas acetylene welded.  The advantage is the annealing process that gas acetylene produces as opposed to TIG welding which causes very high stresses and results in premature tubing failure unless properly annealed.  We gas acetylene braze the tubes to the flange on the outside, and some headers such as road race or oval track are MIG welded on the inside.  Again the gas acetylene has an annealing quality and the brazed area produces a large fillet which really spreads out the loads involved.  We have seen oval track headers last for 10 years and drag race headers last for 25 years using these procedures.
Serial Numbers: Stahl headers has serial numbered every header since January 1, 1966.  We still have those records.  Of course since a human recorded them, it is possible the information is not 100% correct.  However, these records do allow us to look up certain information.  For most of the past 10 years we have recorded the cylinder heads the headers were built to fit.  With so many after market cylinder heads having unique port locations, size, shape, spark plug location and angles, it becomes a virtual nightmare.  Why the cylinder head manufactures appear to lack consideration for the end user is one of the mysteries in our life.

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